A Wedding Videographers guide to.... (part 1)

A Wedding Videographers guide to.... (part 1)

As a successful wedding videography company, I have often been asked 'I bet you have been to some amazing places and have  a few stories to tell!'....Well the answer is yes to both! So rather than writing a book (which time is limited to!) I thought I would write some blogs from a wedding videographers point of view!

Here goes the first of many to follow!

A wedding videographers guide to choosing your perfect wedding venue.

So, congratulations on your engagement! Now what do you do next?!

Choosing the Venue

The first thing you will need to decide is the 'date' when you would like to marry. Would you like a spring, summer or winter wedding? Of course, it seems the most popular answer would be to marry in the summer, although, this always isn't the best time..

The summer months may mean your chosen venue could be booked for maybe a year or more in advance, and may even be more expensive. However, see if they have a midweek special offer which can also help if you are on a tight budget. 

Also, if you are lucky enough to have the sun shining at its best for your summer wedding, Is the photographer/videographer able to accomodate the 'bright sun' so your images are not over exposed? - (part 2)

What are you looking for?

Before you decide on where your wedding day will be, ask yourself a few questions.. Are you looking for the prettiest venue?... The one which offers great food and service?.. The one with the 'wow' factor?.. or, one for sentimental reasons?..

Before you decide, ensure that you have a look around a few venues to get a feel of it.. Even choose one that you may have originally disregarded (or a very random put a pin in a map, venue!!!)...it may surprise you!


Ok, so now you may have chosen a handful of places to visit. A few more questions to ask when you pop along to view them..

How will my guests get there..is it too far away?.. Is it big/small enough to accomodate my number of guests?...Will my wedding be the only wedding on that day?...... Do you offer a taster day so we can sample the menus?.. Are there any restrictions. ie. can confetti be thrown, is the photographer/videographer allowed to take their photos/film during the ceremony, if so where can this be done?.... Hopefully, these questions can be answered easily and you will no doubt have a few more of your own!...Don't be shy... It's your day and you don't want any upsets on the day!

As a wedding videographer, we have been very lucky to have filmed at many venues. All very different and unique in their own way. It would be unfair to say which one are our favourites, as we like them for different reasons!!!

It's booked!

So after all the fun of travelling around imagining your very own big day.. your chosen venue is free and you have decided to book!.. Well done!!!!

Now you can start to plan the rest!...


The next thing to book....Photographer/videographer..... ( part 2 )



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