Editing - Long v Short Form

Editing - Long v Short Form

When it comes to videography, Simply Wedding Movies will capture your amazing wedding day. Your unique and special love story put together to make a film that will be treasured for many years.
Remembering the moment your partner saw you for the first time as you walked down the aisle, the romatic stroll through the grounds of your wedding venue, the laughter and tears at the speeches, your first dance and those (sometimes!) funny moments on the dance floor! Natural and unobtrusive, memories that will last a lifetime.....
So how do you choose the wedding film editing style that will keep you and your guests entertained?
Good question! We shall try to keep this simple so you can pick the perfect style suited for you.


Your day would be filmed to your requirements.. ie. Bridal preparations until end of your first dance.
We produce an edited & colour graded traditional wedding film, that is in chronological order, set to music of your choice. The music MUST be provided by yourselves as either a MP3 or WAV format.
So, clips of the bridal party preparations would begin your film, with music played over the top (you will still here the ambient noise eg. chatting etc), then followed by some of the guests arriving. The ceremony will be in full (with no music played over the top). Clips of your guests milling, some romantic photos alongside your photographer would be next with music overlayed. The speeches would be in full, as would your cake cutting and the first dance.
This film would be between 45 minutes to an hour and half (depending on the length of the ceremony and speeches)
The film will end with a highlights/montage of the day (about 2/3 minutes) which you may have seen on our gallery page.


Again, your day is filmed as per your requirements.
We would produce a wedding film that is between 10 - 20 minutes in length.
It would be more ‘cinematic’ than the long form edit as only some​ of your vows and speeches would be placed into the ‘main film’ and not necessarly in chronological order... ( a little bit like our 'montages’ but a lot longer). The film will also be colour graded and audio will be refined.
Seperately, after the main film, you would have your ceremony in full, speeches in full and your first dance in full.
It is recomended that instrumental music is used for this style of editing, and best left to the editor for optimum results.
It is also worth noting that the same amout of "clips/footage" is used in both styles of editing - Just literally put together a different way.
Either of these options are included in our pricing. It is purely personal taste how you would like your wedding film edited.
We would be happy to discuss these different styles of editing if you have any questions.

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