Georgina & Roger

Georgina & Roger

A stunning christmas wedding held at Leez Priory following Georgina & Rogers Church Ceremony.

The bride arrived at the church traditionaly late and the weather as she arrived wasnt very nice! However, there were plenty of umbrellas and her dress was held up by her weddding planner - Louise Perry.  The ceremony was lovely with two lovely readings and lots of christmas hymms, and finally their blessing with their adorable little boy.

Onto Leez Priory for the wedding reception..Winter weddings are sometimes a challenge as light fades so quickly. Although this was also the case for Georgina & Rogers wedding, it didnt make much difference having very litte light as Leez Priory has some wonderful 'backdrops' to enable us to get some amazing shots...... After the wedding breakfast we had the speeches....wow....The Groom gave an amazing speech! He didnt 'say' his speech....he 'sang' it! Hence the song chosen for their montage!

After their first dance to 'a thousand years', we left the bride and groom to dance the night away with their family and friends..........

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