Lisa & Matthew

Lisa & Matthew

Bit of an overcast day for the wedding of Lisa and Matthew, however we managed to get outside for their photos alongside Jamie & JJJ Photography.

Their wedding film is almost complete so here are a few images from it...

Sequence 01.00_00_22_23.Still004

Sequence 01.00_00_50_04.Still005

Sequence 01.00_03_03_00.Still006

Sequence 01.00_21_15_19.Still007

Sequence 01.00_42_03_07.Still008

Sequence 01.00_44_07_10.Still009

Sequence 01.00_45_29_11.Still010

Sequence 01.00_45_33_20.Still011

Sequence 01.00_45_37_21.Still012


A pleasure to be their wedding videographer and we wish the new Mr & Mrs Burgess lots of love and happiness for their future together..

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