Should you hire a professional?

There is a lot to think about when you are planning your wedding..The dress, the suits, the venue, flowers, the cake, the DJ and a lot more all make the day something you will remember for the rest of your lives.

However once the day is over how will you remember it?

For most couples they will look back on their day with photographs and the wedding video. These two things will bring back so many happy memories in years to come. But who do you trust to capture those once in a lifetime memories?

It would certainly be cheaper to accept kind Uncle Charlie’s offer to film your wedding. After all he has his own HD camcorder and his holiday movies are great family viewing but can you trust him to capture the happiest day of your life?

Ask yourself these questions :

Does Uncle Charlie have two cameras so he can capture the moment you say ‘I do’ and your relative’s expressions at that special moment?

Will the microphone on his HD camcorder pick up the vows clearly in the church?   

Will the auto focus on his camera re focus at the wrong moment and that special moment is left blurry and unwatchable?

Will he make sure the battery is fully charged and he has enough video storage to capture all the important moments?

Will he be talking to Aunt Daisy or be in the wrong place when the speeches are being made or your just about to have the first dance?

Does he have the professional video editing software needed to turn the footage into a montage telling the story of your wonderful day?   Will he have the time to edit the footage?  It can take 40+ hours to produce a good wedding video.

Now I’m not saying Uncle Charlie wouldn’t do an adequate job but do you really want to leave it to him to capture the sights and sounds of your wedding day and then produce a wedding video that you’ll want to watch over and over again?

Or would you rather put your trust in a professional Wedding Videographer who will be able to provide all of the above and a wealth of experience and know how to capture that special day in a way that when you watch it in 15 years  it will feel like it was yesterday?

So if you are planning a wedding in Essex my advice would by say ‘Thanks Uncle Charlie but I want you to enjoy the day as much as us’ and hire us at Simply Wedding Movies you won’t regret it.

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