Thank you for the music......

Thank you for the music......

Chosing your music for your wedding film......

Well, as we were just Thinking out loud, we woud like to say Thank you for the music choices out there, when it comes to choosing them for your wedding film!!!

It always seems a challenge for our couples to think of music tracks for their own wedding dvd. So, hopefully, this little blog will help.

2014 seemd to have a trend for certain tracks which were as follows:

Thinking out loud, Ed Sheeran

How long will I love you, Adele

Songbird, Eva Cassidy

Music is always very hard to choose as there is such a wide variety of songs to choose from. When it comes to editing with your chosen music, we would always suggest that you pick something that is special to you both. Whether is be the song playing when you first met, or just that special song that you have.....

I remember watching the film 'my best friends wedding' and remember the part where Julia Roberts lent her friend her song......So we can completely understand how difficult it can be when it comes to having to chose your own special songs..

Of course, if you are lucky, and have that one song, it will usually be your first dance track....So then, you will need to think of a few more for your wedding dvd.

This is where we come in... If you are really struggling, we have a few tips for you:-

1. When it comes to editing, we would always recommend instrumental music for your dvd... We have been doing this for quite a while now, so know what works. Especially if you would like something that will not date in years to come.

2. As above, think about what your wedding film will be like in 20 years time..Will you think...OMG..What is this song playing in the background!!!

3. If you really like upbeat tunes, then go with it. These can be used during the photo call part of the dvd for uplifting viewing.. But, ideally, something like The Firestarter wouldnt really be acceptable!!

4. Usually we place the music during the preparartions, photos & guest mingling.... During the ceremony and speeches, this would be left clear so the audio from the microphones would be heard.

5. If you have taken the time to choose some songs to play during your signing of the register, then these are always a good option to have inlcuded in your wedding film.

6. If you are really finding it hard to chose, then we would advise to speak to your wedding videographer who would be more than happy to give you further advice.

All in all, this should be a fun time to choose music that you love and in years to come, you can say...Oh this song was when we first met....or this was number one in the charts when we got married etc!!!

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