Things to consider if you want a bit of extra footage from your wedding day

Things to consider if you want a bit of extra footage from your wedding day

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and it's no surprise that so many happy couples love to invest in a wedding video After all, a good video of the occasion will enable them to look back on their special day, and enjoy all those unique moments over and over again.  Here at Simply Wedding Videos, we're obviously focused on providing our customers with the very finest visual document of their big day.  However, some customers also like to have a bit of extra footage: to those amateur videographers, we offer the following tips.

Ensure there is a plan

It's hard to comprehend just how busy the happy couple will be until you've had your own wedding day and know from experience!  Time with the bride and groom is usually at a premium, which is why it's important to ensure that any extra videographers know roughly which sort of footage they’d like to be included.  Quite often, this will be slightly different to the footage that the professional company is going for.  I.e. if the professional firm is in charge of obtaining footage of the whole first dance, the bride might want some shots of the family looking on.  One of the benefits of extra footage is that all the bases can be covered.

Know the venue

It’s important to make sure that anyone filming the wedding knows the layout of the venue.  This way, it’s easier to work out exactly where the best shots will be found, and also which bits of the venue will make good backdrops for other parts of the ceremony. (It's also useful for managing the actual photographer).  This approach is also an important part of troubleshooting: i.e. if the occasion is taking place in an inner city church, then traffic noise will need to be taken into account on the day!

Work together

There will usually be a few different people involved in the running of the ceremony.  It's absolutely vital to ensure that everyone works together to make sure that they day goes as planned.  Different people will inevitably be being pulled between videographers and photographers (not to mention everyone who wants to chat to them).  For those obtaining extra footage, it’s a good idea to liaise with the professionals at the service to make sure that everyone can get what they need.

Bring more than one

It's never a bad idea to have more than one person obtaining footage.  One of the things about the amateur approach is that they aren't going to get as high a quality collection of footage as the professionals will (naturally).  Because you can never tell how much of the footage will be useable, the more the better.  What's more, if two extra amateurs are obtaining footage, they'll be able to cover multiple shots of the same thing: i.e. it'll be possible to get footage of the vows from both down the aisle and from in front of the bride and groom.  Obviously, the professional company will be covering the most important bases to ensure the best possible results.


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