Videographers & Photographers

Videographers & Photographers

A question that comes up quite a lot from couples who are looking to book a wedding videographer and photographer is

"How do you work together?

The answer is quite simply...We work alongside photographers very well!! We both are aware that we are there for YOU and both strive to capture the upmost best of your special day.

I've heard horror stories that videographers and photograpers clash!

Maybe, this could be applicable for some companies, but we have never come across this situaton...yaaayyy!!.. In fact, a lot of photographers we have worked alongside, are now very good friends and have been known to even exchange lens' throughout the day to help each other out!

How do you work?

During the day we are constantly trying to be aware of where the photographer is.. you don't want a videographer photobombing your wedding photos!! Sometimes, where space is tight, this can't be helped, but generally we are behind the scenes.

Whilst the ceremony takes place, we liase with the photographer... As a rule, we are stationary on a tripod, while the photographer may move about a little bit.

After the ceremony, we tend to take a step back and let your photographer guide you for your photographs. They will usually have a time frame from your venue so will have to ensure that all your photographic requests (ie. group shots) are caught before you are seated for your wedding breakfast. At this stage, we will create our own style of the 'photographer poses' and also capture your guests milling around while the next shot is organised.

During the speeches we will again be stationary allowing the photographer to work around us to get their important shots.

When the first dance takes place (depending on the light) we may need additional lighting. Again, we would advise the photographer so they can adjust their camera settings as required.

Who have you worked with?

Blimey, where do we start?

We have had the pleaure to work alongside many male and female photographers. We would be more than happy to assist you when choosing a photographer as we get to see their style of work very well (and hopefully vise versa!!)


There is absolutely nothing to worry about when booking your videographer and photographer.. We are both there on your special day for you and we understand the imporatance of having your memories captured by photos and film! 

All you need to think about is how you will design your photo album and which music you will have on your wedding film!!





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